Academic services

Types of documents
  • Theses & research reports
  • Academic articles
  • Assignments
  • Speeches


Services offered
  • Editing
    We look for and correct/improve: spelling and grammar errors; writing style where necessary; consistent use of abbreviations and names; any other recommendations to improve the text.
  • Proofreading
    Includes checking the following: spelling and grammar; writing style; consistent use of abbreviations and names. No corrections are made.
  • Document formatting
    We look out for and correct: consistency in spacing, fonts and other layout issues.
  • We do not check facts or references.
  • We do not write speeches, assignments, reports or theses on behalf of clients, under ANY circumstances.
  • In the case of research reports and theses we will need a timeline from you that indicates when you need to submit which chapters/parts to your supervisor(s) and when you are going to send it to us.